A Beginners Guide To Going To An Erotic Massage Parlour For The First Time


A Beginners Guide To Going To An Erotic Massage Parlour For The First Time

When you first visit an erotic massage in London, there are many things you should remember. Some of them include choosing your massage, arriving at the parlor, and leaving. First, be clean. This means having clean skin, nails, and hair. Always remember that you are asking someone else to touch you, so make sure that you look your best!


You should know what you want from your massage at an erotic spa. Most massage therapists will spend time talking with you about your preferences. Alternatively, you can tell the masseuse what type of massage you want before you arrive.

First, choose a discreet parlor. A discreet parlor will have a nondescript name and an unadorned front door. This means that there won’t be any garish neon signs or window displays, and the decor will be minimalist and discreet. Many parlors are even located behind a back door, so they’re less obvious.

Another important consideration is the cleanliness of the parlor. There are some establishments that are notoriously filthy. Infections could result from a dirty parlor. Therefore, it’s best to choose a well-maintained establishment that has been around for a long time.


Before you visit an erotic massage parlour for the first time, you should know what to expect. Most masseuses spend time getting to know you, and what you desire from your massage. The first thing that you should do is to get a phone number from the parlor. This will enable you to reach them and find out when they are available for your massage. You can also ask them to come to your home if it is convenient for you.

Before your treatment, it is essential to wash your body thoroughly to prevent odor. Most erotic massage parlours have shower facilities that they will happily provide to their clients. You can also invite your masseuse into a steaming area with you. Many salons will also provide assisted showers for an extra fee of PS20.

A full body massage is similar to a traditional massage, but it is more intense and uses a variety of erotic massage techniques. It works by moving from the back to your chest and forehead, with the erogenous parts being the last.

Erotic massage is a great way to boost sexual stamina, get away from stress and relax tired muscles. It can also be beneficial if you suffer from depression or anxiety. It can help you overcome your worries and stress, and it is guaranteed to be available in your area.


It’s important to remember that when you leave an erotic massage parlour, you are still in public. It’s a good idea to clean yourself up thoroughly. Also, remember to thank the staff before leaving. No matter how uncomfortable it is, you should remain professional and not be too confrontational.

Before leaving an erotic massage parlour for the first time, it’s wise to let the masseuse know that you’ve already visited the parlour before. If you don’t inform the masseuse in advance, she might misinterpret what you mean and assume you’re a psychotherapist or cop.


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