Acupuncture Meridians and the particular Cosmic Spider Web

In 1999 pc simulations of permanent magnetic fields in universe clusters by Klaus Dolag revealed of which galaxy clusters are embedded in a large -scale spider- web -like structure involving filaments. In depth universe surveys also demonstrate that structures resembling sheets and filaments characterize the circulation of galaxies. Consistent with the simulations, this distribution resembles a complex spider’s internet various hundred super parsecs in size. According to Nobel laureate, Hans Alfv�n, space is filled with a system of currents which transfer power plus momentum over huge distances. Hot plasma streams along many of these filamentary currents.

Now, astronomers have really detected a “universal net “. Great filaments of sizzling gas tracing the net have already been ” observed “. Astronomers utilizing NASA’s X-ray satellite observatory, Chandra, “viewed” typically the filaments stretching for countless light decades through space, along with 1 passing by means of our personal universe. They calculate that will the filaments contain five occasions a lot more mass than all the stars inside the universe!

Invisible Filaments in Space

Astronomers say that typically the filamentary structures are so hot that it would typically be invisible to optical, infrared, and even radio telescopes. These types of invisible filaments are detected only because higher density normal matter tends to accumulate and reduce included – generating radiation which may be measured simply by scientists to confirm their existence inside intergalactic space.

Becoming invisible, they will be by definition components of “dark matter and power very well. Dark matter and power are invisible issue and energy that will make up much more than 99% associated with our universe : according to scientists. Research show that both ordinary and even invisible dark subject work in conjunction to build filaments in space, using dense junctions exactly where galaxies cluster. Typically the resulting structure looks something just like a crawl internet, dappled with water droplets.

The particular filaments betray typically the presence of unseen dark matter because gas at large numbers of degrees centigrade found inside these kinds of filaments has an organic tendency to propagate. To locate this confined into filaments suggests that an incredibly strong gravitational industry will have to be drawing it into location and only black matter can do this – regarding to the researchers.

Invisible Filaments throughout the Delicate Physique

In 1904 metaphysicist Annie Besant described that ” In the course of human antenatal life a single carefully thread weaves a network, a shimmering internet of inconceivable fineness and delicate splendor, with minute meshes. Inside the meshes with this internet the coarser particles regarding the bodies will be built with each other. In dark web links of physical life, prana [which is a plasma involving charged super particles according to sang metaphysics] courses along the branches plus meshes. ” This net interpenetrating the particular human fetus definitely has options which resemble the cosmic spider net : with currents regarding charged prana (or qi particles) coursing through its ‘threads’ and denser stuff accumulating (i. at the. “coarser particles”) upon it.

It is usually an effectively accepted reality in metaphysics that will there are filaments inside our refined magma bodies, which have been referred to because “meridians”, “nadis” in addition to “channels” – found in the Chinese, American indian and Tibetan literature, respectively. In Taoist and Qigong literature, they are likewise referred to while “circuits” and “orbits”. For example, Chi kung practitioners could speak of microcosmic in addition to macrocosmic orbits. The particular microcosmic orbit is seriously the key meridian via which particles are faster in the pertinent practices to deliver energy to the particular rest of the subtle body.

In accordance to plasma metaphysics, these meridians are generally magnetic lines regarding force within the particular subtle magnetic sang (or magma) figures. The currents sweeping through options “Birkeland currents”, i. electronic. currents by which charged particles flow by means of magnetic field outlines. The massive range structure with the galaxy, with a web involving filaments punctuated using rotating galaxies, certainly bears a strong similarity to the web of acupuncture meridians or nadis punctuated with rotating chakras (or vortexes) in addition to acupoints that is certainly located in the etheric component involving the physical physique.

“I envisioned a huge selection of little DC [direct present ] generators such as dark stars mailing their electricity along the meridians, an rooms galaxy that the Chinese had in some manner discovered and explored by learning from your errors more than two thousand yrs ago. It has been apparent that typically the acupuncture charts had an objective foundation in reality. The readings indicated that will these meridians had been conducting present. ” – Robert Becker, The Physique Electric

The meridian program, chartered by Oriental acupuncture, can be considered the arterial technique of what metaphysicists would describe as typically the ” reduced physical-etheric physique ” (which is not separable from the physical-biomolecular physique ). These meridian pathways are usually ordinarily invisible to be able to the biological eyes – the same as the undetectable cosmic filaments. Only like cosmic filaments, these invisible meridians can be diagnosed if they produce the radiation.

French researcher Calcul de Vernejoul injected a radioactive substance into the acupoints regarding individuals and scored the radiation utilizing an unique camera. He identified that the substance migrated along classical Oriental acupuncture meridian paths. Other injections produced by Vernejoul directly into random points associated with the body and into veins plus lymphatic channels had been unable to illustrate equivalent final results, indicating that the meridian method is a special and even separate network regarding pathways in the particular physique. Additional tests showed that terminating a meridian that will associated for the lean meats resulted in a speedy degeneration of hard working liver tissue. Without the need of power supply from the particular decrease physical-etheric physique by way of the meridians tissues, organs plus cells of the particular physical-biomolecular physique carry out not appear to work adequately.

The General and Human Physical-Etheric Bodies

The hidden cosmic web regarding filaments together together with the dark matter that shapes them is within fact embedded in the lowest power physical-etheric body of our universe. When we appear from Planet what we are seeing is the physical-dense whole world, shaped by the reduced physical-etheric physique of the universe. Astronomers declare the hidden filaments in place are detected just for the reason that larger density matter tends in order to accumulate and condense in these filaments. Similarly, the hidden meridians in the subtle physique can only be discovered since of rays from other substances that are transfered by means of them.

Plasma naturally types filaments in response to electric plus magnetic fields inside the subtle body (which according in order to plasma metaphysics is definitely composed of darkish matter). Charged allergens are guided inside these filaments by simply the magnetic career fields and accelerated simply by the electric grounds – generating power – as seen by Robert Becker.

Just as the decrease physical-etheric body in the universe generates an internet of filamentary currents (or filaments) that plays a vital element throughout the large scale structure in the whole world, the decrease physical-etheric body of the individual body generates an internet of filamentary currents (or meridians) of which is instrumental in developing the physical-biomolecular physique of a new human getting. Of course, the China already knew this specific – they have been exploring these filaments for extra than 3 thousand years!