Applying Desktop Sharing Tools to Drive Revenue Success

In the traditional sales design, presentations are manufactured face-to-face at the particular client’s corporate offices. Nowadays, however, rising gasoline costs have converted into higher airfares and gasoline costs. As an effect, the travel funds of companies close to the world will be straining at the particular seams. Similarly, organization executives are recognizing that traditional enterprise travel consumes the significant quantity of the salesperson’s time, thereby negatively impacting worker productivity. Both journey costs along with a salesperson’s time raise the expense of on-site group meetings, and represent sources that could end up being better leveraged to generate additional product sales. As an end result, businesses are increasingly seeking less pricey technological alternatives to on-site sales presentations.

This paper explores computer desktop discussing solutions as a way of leveraging resources in order to drive sales success. Specifically, this papers addresses four concerns:

What is desktop sharing and how does this work?
What are the benefits of personal computer sharing?
How can pc sharing tools get used in product sales?
What features need to an effective pc sharing tool consist of?
Although business travel and on-site sales presentations are sometimes needed, many on-site pitches can be replaced by online delivering presentations at a small percentage of the expense. Effectiveness and productivity increase, positively influencing both the sales professional’s and the particular client’s bottom ranges.
Desktop Sharing: Some sort of Simple, Innovative, Technological Tool

Desktop posting is an modern application that allows one or extra people in remote control locations to watch the primary user’s computer screen. Using a Web-based interface, the user can present others any file or application that may be open on his / her or her desktop.

Desktop sharing will be initiated when the presenter invites other people to be involved in a session. The business presenter begins the session, and participants become a member of via the Internet, using an distinctive session ID. Throughout the session, the presenter’s screen – which include mouse movements, documents, and applications — is visible to the participants. The particular participants simultaneously interact with the speaker by phone or perhaps audio conference call.

The Benefits associated with Desktop Revealing

By simply delivering sales pitches on-line, desktop sharing enables sales professionals to be able to increase the performance of their sales pitches while leveraging their own time to reach more clients and prospective clients.

By way of the use associated with desktop sharing technologies, sales pitches are amplified along with visual components. The instantaneous, real-time shipping of documents, slides, or software software allows for better connection and increased versatility in addressing the particular specific needs plus concerns in the customer.

As a Web-affiliated tool, desktop revealing enables the product sales professional to produce a presentation instantly to anyone, anytime, worldwide. As a period can be reached by anyone using an Internet connection, travelling to a client’s place of enterprise isn’t necessary. authorstream profile represents a significant savings in travel fees, but in addition a huge savings of the time, letting the salesperson in order to exponentially boost the range of sales demonstrations they can initiate.

Pc Sharing in Sales


Many businesses have found that will desktop sharing quickly becomes a crucial tool to create leads.

Deteriorating Geographic Barriers: As part of the salesperson’s repertoire, desktop revealing provides sales experts with the ability to schedule on the internet meetings with greater groups of prospective customers, regardless of their geographic location. Net conferencing allows companies to assemble leads throughout new markets without incurring the vacation expenses associated with reaching these kinds of potential customers.

Passive Guide Generation: Companies may, through their sites, offer visitors the opportunity to save for informational on the web meetings or regarding the launch plus demonstration of a cool product or service. Potential prospects self-select as prospects through the sign up process. The info collected from registrants and from individuals attending the online meeting can be employed by the company’s staff of sales professionals to convert leads in order to customers. When a business archives their informational meetings and educational workshops on their site, prospective customers can sign-up to download or listen to the information, which generates added passive leads.

Existing Customers Become Fresh Leads: Desktop sharing allows new products, services, or specials to be shown in order to upsell or cross-sell existing customers. Current customers make excellent prospective customers for new products, plus desktop sharing enables a salesperson in order to upsell or cross-sell without having to make an on-site sales call.

Informative Seminars Hook Prospects: Online meetings can be utilized as a new non-sales marketing instrument to present live educational seminars in order to potential customers, who else then become qualified leads. As opposed to online meetings that bring in a company or possibly a specific product or perhaps service, the main topic of a good educational seminar provides to address the challenge faced by company’s potential client base. For example of this, a company providing you with shopping cart software program might hold the educational seminar upon cost-effective marketing strategies to drive traffic to e-commerce sites. The info gleaned from the particular attendees of these lead generation seminars can be handed on towards the revenue team, which can convert sales by using the venture features offered simply by desktop sharing.

Being approved Qualified prospects

When marketing and advertising tools, such like white papers, songs of product manifestations, and customer verifiable testimonies, are posted on some sort of company’s website, potential customers self-select simply by downloading or accessing the materials. This process begins the advertising process prior to a sales team member contacting a prospect.

In the same way, a web based meeting using desktop sharing technologies can drive prospects to download or perhaps access supplemental materials that can further pique their interest and speed up the product sales cycle.