Being the Picasso of Hair Designing

A true hairdresser is a individual who performs a kind of art with his or her scissors, blow-dryer, colors and brushes and with his or her soul. True hairdressers are talented people today and they use their blow-dryer and scissors to shape the hair like a sculptor shapes raw stone and they add their soul into their artwork like a musician does even though composing a song.

From this point of view, it’s not just a hair-cut or highlight or updo that a real hairdresser creates. It’s an artwork and additional than producing a great-seeking person. It is much more than changing how people look, it really is about altering people’s outlook. It really is about how persons see themselves, not in the mirror but in their lives.

Therefore, true hair dressers have to approach their professions as if it really is a journey involving them and their customers. They go with their clientele on this journey and support them improve their outlook, feel improved and make a adjust for the better. And a hair dresser can only assure that he or she will go with his or her customers on this journey by functioning with passion and with the need to make a difference. This type of approach also creates powerful relationships and loyalty.

Therefore, of exerting your profession in a profitable way cannot be trying to sell far more solutions that persons never definitely will need. For instance, it can’t be adding additional colors to earn a little bit far more. Can you think about that Picasso would add extra colors to his artworks just to earn additional if the individuals who pay for his artworks, provided extra for extra colorful paintings? Of course not. Since art is performed to make the imagination genuine in the finest way. And for hair dressers, these kinds of swift dollars-generating efforts just underestimate their profession and pull the income down in the extended term.

So, to give your profession the actual worth that it deserves, you should really be revolutionary, passionate and committed to make a difference in people’s lives. Only with these values you will come to be the Picasso of hair designing and the actual satisfaction and profits will come.

Do not be in the center, never be typical, don’t underestimate your profession. If you believe in your talent, go to the edge of your small business, be unique, make a distinction. Never neglect you are an artist and your talent can adjust lives.

Cemil Tolga ALTAY is the CEO and the founder of Venue of Beauty,LLC. He has worked as a manager in a bank’s consumer partnership management department for 5 years and he focused on branding, differentiating and improving buyer loyalty. Then, as a hair dresser’s son, he established Venue of Beauty to fill a will need in beauty market.