Create Your Own Internet Dojo And Learn Karate Online Free!

Karate is one of the most intense martial arts in the world. It is one of the most efficient, invigorating disciplines, and it’ll make you strong and fast and able to kick like a mule. In this bit of writing I will tell you how to learn Karate online free, and I mean totally free.

First, you are going to need a work out area. Usually this is a garage or patio, or just someplace where you can push stuff aside, hang a bag, and move around freely. As simple as this sounds, I would recommend putting up a sign…it claims the property as yours and establishes your space.

Go behind a carpet store and dig through their dumpster for some rug samples. You can dig a hole and brace a two by four with rocks, and you can nail the rug samples on this for punching and kicking. You can tack the samples on the studs in a garage, but be Karate you don’t end up cracking windows or ‘bending’ the structure.

Sweep your dojo floor clean, and if you can find a whole rug in that dumpster you’ve got a work out mat. Hook up a TV with and hook up a connection to the net. Your own private dojo (training hall) is ready, and now it’s time to learn.

Get on the internet and Google ‘Learn Karate Online Free.’ You will find a few sites that are offering intros. Take advantage of those intros, watch them, print them out if possible, and head out to your dojo and start your basic exercises.

Having studied the basic movements, and they are pretty much the same for most Karate systems, you want to go to YouTube and look for the following Karate forms. Karate Kata Heian one, Heian two, and on through Heian five. These are the basic forms of the major karate schools (they are also called pinan one, pinan two, etc), and you will find many videos of them have been posted.