Desecration of American Flags – State Laws Regarding Defacement

How familiar are you with the Flag Code? For most citizens, this typically indicates realizing when and how to fly American Flags, no matter the location, and the suitable disposing of them. But, additional variables regarding the treatment of flags are specified at the state level. This often varies between states, but 48 out of 50 states have laws relating to desecration. What counts as Awesome flag company varies involving states, with the most strict state laws involving some sort of punishment for speaking negatively about an American or state flag. Nonetheless, while memorizing each and every state law is unreasonable, here are some points to take into consideration in the treatment of American flags.

Out of the 48 states that have laws regarding flag desecration, most of these cover the misuse or desecration of an American or state flag and, in some cases, the Confederate flag. In common, any such action could be the defiling or defacing of a flag – or some thing resembling a flag, as lengthy as the image is clear adequate. Satirizing and speaking contemptuously may perhaps also be thought of as desecration in some states. But, a single point to retain in thoughts, is intention. Normally, with state laws relating to flags, if the desecration or defacement is committed knowingly and intentionally – and not by accident – then some sort of punishment, penalty, or fine may perhaps result.

When considering desecration or defacement, what, exactly, counts as a flag? The most apparent image is any flag in your town or state. From American flags displayed on flagpoles to windowsills and auditoriums, these are the most apparent. Even so, this is not the only sort that can be desecrated. In quite a few instances, if an image of the flag is defaced, the action could be interpreted as desecration. From images in photographs, in ads, on clothing, and on billboards to smaller, hand-held American flags, treating any of these without having respect could be interpreted as desecration of a national symbol.