Do You Want to Save Revenue On Corporate Video Production?

So you want to produce a corporate video? commercial video production ! Corporate video is the most powerful marketing and advertising and communications tool obtainable to any business and is far as well usually underutilised and discarded due to firms mistakenly considering it is high-priced and overpriced. With video escalating some businesses sales such as by 64% from applying video promotion it really is a wonder everybody is not making use of video!

Chances are your reading this since you nevertheless consider that corporate video is pricey.

Well you are not wrong.

You are also almost certainly reading this since you don’t have a big marketing price range to commit all on a single 90 second video. Properly I can inform you a little more about how corporate video does not have to be pricey, as effectively as assist you save some revenue. All it requires is five minutes to study the rest of this report and a few hours of your own time.

Now 1st factors initial corporate video is not ‘cheap’ and never ever will be. Certain, budget videos exist and you can invest as tiny as a couple of hundred pounds on a corporate video. But trust me – that is not a wise move. Alternatively of considering of video as highly-priced you instead have to have to appear at the return on investment you are gaining. You may devote £2,500 on a 90 second professionally made promotional video for instance. A effectively thought out story and the appropriate production strategies could conveniently see an extra £5,000 worth of sales that month just from men and women viewing your video, resulting in the video paying for itself.

You may well be pondering but what about a £700 video? Surely that will nonetheless perform but just not as nicely?


A £700 video is additional probably to appear low top quality and badly created meaning that if anything it is a lot more most likely to reduce sales due to damaging your brand reputation and placing prospective consumers off. So £2500 might appear like a lot out of context, but just feel of the return on investment it could deliver – it is low-cost when you assume about it.

So, to summarise going for a price range corporate video is NOT the way to save cash or bring results to your business enterprise. Excellent top quality video production pays for itself!

Correct, so how do I save money then?

It’s so easy. All you require to do is preparation. Probabilities are you are not a skilled cameraman and editor with a profession worth of knowledge, so we both know this is ideal left to a experienced video producer, you are immediately after all hiring them for a cause.

Having said that, there is one thing which you can do Pre-Production. As component of any video production project a video producer will be essential do some type of pre-production. This pre-production method decides on a script, which is then broken down into a storyboard with each person scene illustrated. From here, cameramen, video editors and directors are also organised as properly as props and other assets.

Pre-production takes time and will be some thing you will paying for in your video production budget. But, it is one thing that you can do oneself. With a tiny creative influence and some substantial study you can very easily come up with a selection of scripts and a storyboard to enable convey your message to your preferred target audience.

Now I am not suggesting you discard your video producer from the course of action completely. At the end of the day they are still likely to have more encounter than you in building compelling and successful content. However by working collectively you can achieve a smaller amount of their input and then build a script and storyboard of your video which the video producer can then function with you on and add and eliminate parts where important. This tends to make the video producers life a lot easier, puts you in handle and cuts your fees.