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With new AI-based technologies that power almost all activities in the digital world, cybercrime is on an unprecedented increase. Forensics is the science of tracing causes, methods and perpetrators from evidence, once a crime has been committed. This program will teach you some of the key technologies that are being used to track cybercriminals ai courses in india.

  • The taxonomy of crimes under international law and laws of specific countries.
  • The role of computational forensics in criminal investigations
  • Broad divisions of forensic sciences and focus areas for this program

The program will span 10 weeks with LIVE online, interactive lectures covering different forensic subareas in each week. It will be combined with assignments and project work to be completed by individuals and in groups.

Lecture topics:

  • Network Forensics
  • Image Forensics
  • Dark Web Forensics
  • Computer Forensics (Cyber Forensics)
  • Cryptography in Forensics
  • Image Steganography in Forensics
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Forensics
  • Machine Learning for Forensics
  • Deep Learning for Forensics
  • Audio Forensics
  • Audio Steganography
  • Text Forensics
  • Video Forensics
  • Deepfakes Lab

Join this online certificate program, offered by Carnegie Mellon University, to learn as well as upgrade your crime investigation tools & tactics.