How Do You Get Unlimited Keys and Coins On Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is a fun run-and-loot game centered around unlocking new stages, characters, and more, through the collection of coins. With these coins, you may purchase special character items, hoverboards, upgrades, and much more, in order to level up.

To collect coins you may: earn them in-game, invite friends to the game, or purchase them through the store. Here’s a detailed look at how to use all methods to gain coins and capture the top of the leaderboard in Subway Surfers!

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Earn Coins In-Game with Runs, Missions, & Daily ChallengesCollect coins as you play the game and maximize your efforts with a few special tricks or by picking up Mystery Boxes; these boxes can provide anywhere from 200 to 100,000 coins!

  1. Install & open Subway Surfers;
  2. Tap Missions to see what you need to achieve in-game to receive extra bonus coins and mystery boxes (if you complete 30 missions, you’ll receive a super mystery box with 2x the amount of coins as mystery boxes);
  3. Tap Daily Challenge to see the word of the day. Collect each letter of the word in-game to complete the challenge. Complete each daily challenge for (5) days and receive a Super Mystery Box;
  4. Tap any unoccupied area of the screen to begin a run;
  5. Follow in-game instructions to jump, duck and roll, or swerve side-to-side to capture coins and special objectives while avoiding obstacles;
  6. Grab magnets or jetpacks; magnets will bring the coins to you and jetpacks will allow you to fly above the obstacles to grab coins in the sky;

Purchase Mystery Boxes, Coin Bundles, & Upgrades in the Shop

  1. Open Subway Surfers;
  2. Tap the Shop Icon;
  3. Tap Double Coins to receive 2x the value for every coin picked up in-game;
  4. Tap Starter Pack to purchase 4,000 coins, (1) hoverboard, and (5) keys (these allow you to keep going when you crash in-game) with real-world cash;
  5. Scroll down to Single-Use;
  6. Use coins to purchase any single-use item, including Mystery Boxes which may pay-out coins;
  7. Scroll down to Upgrades;
  8. Use coins to purchase Jetpacks, Super Sneakers, Coin Magnets, or 2x Multipliers for in-game use in collecting larger quantities of coins

Add Friends for a 5,000 Coin Boost!

  1. Open Subway Surfers;
  2. Tap the Friends icon;
  3. Tap Connect Facebook Account;
  4. Encourage your friends to play and complete runs. For every 50 runs each friend completes, you’ll receive 350 coins

Subway Surfers Redeem Codes

  • hellochangan (Redeem this code to get 5,000 Coins and 5 Keys)
  • 9yearsrunning (Redeem the code to get 9,000 Coins, 9 Keys, and 1 Mystery Box)
  • 2infinity (Redeem the code to get 3,000 Coins. …
  • houstonkeys (Redeem the code to get 6 Keys)
  • springtime (Redeem the code to get 5,000 Coins and 5 Keys)

indeed What is the code of Subway Surfers 2022? Subway Surfers redeem codes can be used to get coins and exclusive in-game items for free so you can unlock power-ups and special gear to go further every time in the game.