How to Flirt With Girls – 3 Sickeningly Effective Secrets You Should Not Miss at Any Cost!

Flirting with girls is all about having fun in the moment and really making the girl have a good time in your company. At the same time getting her to laugh which would really make her find you absolutely irresistible. The bad part is that most guys just don’t know Chatroulette to effectively flirt with girls and often end up coming across as highly boring and plain. This is why you should know this at all costs. Read on to discover how you can effectively flirt with girls and achieve mind blowing results fast……

Show lots of interest then act as if you don’t know her- This is one of the most effective tactics to flirt with a girl. You see start chatting up a girl with lots of energy and the moment her friend comes around start chatting up her friend and completely ignore her. You see this would get her really pissed but at the same time she would try to seek your attention now.

Constantly challenge her- Indicate to her that you are just too hard to handle for her and she might not be able to deal with you at all. Constantly push her away whenever she might try to talk to you by passing a witty one liner. Women just love guys who act cocky and can really make it highly interesting.

Make her seek your attention- Let her know that she is cute but a bit boring….Maybe she needs more practice in talking to guys. You see when you constantly tease her this way by giving her a compliment but at the same time passing a slight insult she would really try to prove herself to you and in the process she would be highly attracted to you as well.