How to save your money in Thailand?

In the new century, the cost of living has risen everywhere however some great advantages still exist when retiring as an expat in the Land of Smiles. The retired expat should be aware of cost-saving ideas that exist in the Thai economy. Finding local friends, learning a smidgen of local language and following customs of the local people that are trustworthy will give the retired expat the advice, guidance and direction to the best deals. Being friendly with local people, expats and those that are giving service goes a long way in Thailand.

The best grocery prices in Thailand with fresh food are the local markets that always have bargains and the products are straight from the farm.. What if you eat something that turns your stomach? . Order the freshest coffee beans to your door from the lush mountains of Chiang Mai and save even more daily as you watch the peaceful equatorial sunrise you can sip and savor the taste of glorious Thailand. And, remember you are in one of the best nations on the globe for tasty food that is available everywhere at all hours. Step out to the plethora of choices at superb local restaurants that are priced right for everyone’s budget. What if you are feeling sicker than a dog after consuming spices that you are not accustomed to or get the rare case of food poisoning. The Expat Health Insurance opens the door to excellent hospital services automatically so you get medical attention and proper medication immediately. Another way to relieve stress and get excellent outdoor activity is to start your own garden in a nation with incredibly arable land and sun everywhere. Grow aromatic herbs and fresh vegetables in your own garden as you make a tasty meal of your own at home.

Specifically, in the early morning visit the fresh seafood or fisherman’s market of the area where you reside. You can find the best catch for the best deals. Often you can buy fish fresh in many places outside the grocery. Also, when shopping for textiles or a wardrobe go to the amazing clothing markets that have wholesale prices like at Platinum Fashion Mall that has many deals instead of always going to retail shopping malls. Remember the excellent bargains in the special shopping zones of Asia. And, remember to always compare and contrast prices online before you step out to shop in the retail sector. Many deals and even coupons are given online.

Transportation can get expensive and cut into anyone’s budget. Also, buying a second-hand vehicle and driving defensively is a good choice if you’re a long-term expat. What if one day you’re out and an accident happens very quickly while you are on route to the fascinating UNESCO site of Ayutthaya or you are driving to see the ancient views of Sukhothai. When you are injured on the road you should have the best health insurance you can find. Thailand does have infamous problems with their roads and we must be prepared. Be advised that motorcycles and bicycles need proper helmets and often are not insured if you are badly injured or in a fatal accident on the road. Peruse the excellent coverage of the Expat Health Insurance that is highly recommended for retired expats in Thailand due to the fact that your initial investment is very affordable but the returns can be high or even astronomical in case of unpredictable events. Visit our informative website with a link to friendly 24-hour English-speaking customer service. Purchase Expat Health Insurance today for a low monthly amount. In fact, the best decisions and plans in life are acted upon immediately instead of waiting for the perfect plan tomorrow.