Hypothermia Therapy

Hyperthermia Therapy is a potent cancer-fighting tool that is less invasive, more effective, and easier to deliver than most current conventional anticancer therapies on the market.

Recent breakthroughs in the field of hyperthermia therapy, in particular, have given medical pioneers a powerful new tool with broad therapeutic applications. Hyperthermia Therapy itself has been around since at least Egyptian times if not forever. The use of hyperthermia in cancer treatment is of particular interest. It is known that hyperthermia therapy kills or inhibits cancer growth at or above 41 C’ but normal cells can survive temperatures of 47 C’. We take advantage of this temperature difference to kill the tumor cells and spare the normal tissues and cells.

The new hyperthermia machines are small, portable, relatively inexpensive relative to other current technologies, and let us deliver a ball of safely controlled heat anywhere we need it into the body at a depth of 15cm. This ball of heat increases blood flow to the targeted area by about 15 times the normal rate thus, speeding up healing and the immune response. The increased blood flow to the area has been found to increase the blood ph locally and systemically, increasing the speed of delivery of immune cells, stem cells, and oxygen to the area. The properties of the units’ electromagnetic field repolarize cell membranes. All of these properties have devastating effects on cancer and wonderful applications in spinal cord injuries and a wide array of applications anywhere and anytime a doctor needs more blood and oxygen flow to a vital area. The future is wide open for new discoveries in the field! In clinical trials, doctors only treated the primary tumor site because the Hyperthermia therapy seems to wake up the immune system and expose the metastatic tumors as foreign to the body! Once the main tumor dies as a result of the therapy, the metastatic tumors get dealt with by the immune system! Truly amazing!

There are many potentials uses of this therapy in the field of cancer\oncology, spinal cord injuries, pain relief, and physical therapy.

The demand for this therapy is great! Doctors need to be trained as soon as possible, to simply keep up with the demand for this effective therapy while handling the current cancer epidemic worldwide.

If your healthcare facility, clinic, or organization needs to deliver warmed infusions quickly, safely, and without investing in expensive equipment, Gaymar, Meditherm, hypothermia machines are the answer.