Maximizing Your Brand Impact With Outdoor Logo Mats

Custom logo mats can be an effective form of out-of-home advertising that will attract potential customers. These personalised floor mats are custom tailored to meet the look and style of a business and may feature logos and other relevant information about it.

Utilizing a Waterhog inlay process, these logo mats are constructed of UV resistant materials that can withstand heavy foot traffic. Furthermore, they’re capable of trapping moisture, dirt and debris from shoes so as to prevent it from tracking into facilities.
Incredible Logo Mat -Effective Out of Home Advertising

Custom logo mats are an inexpensive and efficient way to increase brand recognition. By placing logo mats throughout your establishment, customers, clients, members, students, military personnel & soldiers can form positive associations before entering.

Logo mats can serve as an eye-catching point-of-sale display, increasing customer morale and sales while simultaneously expanding your brand’s visibility outside of the workplace.

Out-of-home advertising can also be more cost-effective than digital media advertising, according to studies. According to these estimates, reaching 1,000 people costs an estimated average of only $3 to $5 on bulletins, posters and transit shelters; much cheaper than primetime broadcast TV (which costs upwards of $20). Furthermore, programmatic DOOH allows brands more creative control in campaign execution by using dynamic content which responds dynamically with outdoor environments; therefore enabling frequent creative content changes without incurring extra expenses.
Create a Strong First Impression

Custom logo mats are one of the best tools for building brand recognition among potential customers and clients. As soon as people arrive at your business, the first thing they see upon arriving and last thing they remember before leaving will be your brand logo mat. So make sure it stays fresh in their minds by greeting them with vibrantly printed mats at its entrance!

Weatherproof designs of logo mats allow them to deliver uninterrupted performance in all weather conditions, whether rain, snow, or scorching sun. Their coarse abrasive surface helps remove excess dirt and moisture from shoes for cleaner floors as well as protected visitors feet free from debris.

To maximize the effectiveness of logo mats, select a design that complements with your company’s existing color scheme used throughout your facility. This ensures a level of consistency between staff uniforms, facility decor and logo mats – helping visitors associate them with the image of your business.
Durable and Easy to Maintain

Logo mats provide your business with an eye-catching visual presentation that’s simple to maintain. Boasting digitally printed company logos directly onto rubber, these mats resist fading in harsh sunlight while their resilient material traps dirt, grime, and water that could otherwise enter.

Logo floor mats make an attractive, affordable addition to the office or building of any business and building manager who prioritize cleanliness and safety. Not only are these mats stylish, they’re designed to be slip free, absorbent, waterproof (depending on style purchased), and are made for durability – even against accidental falls!

Your logo doormat will make a positive first impression for customers, clients, members, students, military personnel and employees who come into your premises. They are also ideal for use in lobby areas where spills may occur; including them as part of your regular cleaning regimen will keep them looking their best while helping prevent costly damages to them over time.
Easy to Clean

No matter the scale or nature of your business, a high-quality logo mat will continue to keep visitors’ shoes clean while simultaneously displaying colourful company graphics in all their glory. Boasting an attractive grass effect and some models even being water resistant or petroleum resistant, these durable mats can withstand heavy foot traffic for years.

High-traffic inlay logo mats are among the most durable options, using inlaid graphics for precise and accurate image presentation. Furthermore, these mats can be quickly cleaned – simply vacuum, hose down or steam clean according to instructions for the type of mat you purchase.

Keep in mind that your logo mat will be one of the first things customers, clients, students, members or employees see when entering your premises, so make sure it stands out clearly and looks impressive on every visit.