Satta Game – A Game of Luck?

SattaMatka or satta king up online is basically a type of lottery or game that began sometime before India’s Independence. SattaMatka was a full-scale lottery game which started in the 1950s. Today, Matka betting or Satta King online is basically a lottery game based upon guessing number for a prize to be won. This type of game has a lot of appeal and also has a history behind it which makes people interested in it.

This type of lottery is not as old as the traditional Satta King game. In fact, the name Satta has its origin in Hindi. The word Satta literally means “king in disguise” but today the game is commonly known by many other names like Sattva lottery game, SattaHiaya and SattaKaaykum. The popularity of this game can also be attributed to the fact that Satta has been adapted by different countries as their own version of the SattaMatka game.

In this game, players are divided into two teams. The players on one team stand in front of the other. Each team consists of ten players. Each player in this game starts with ten life chips and ten diamonds. A round is started and players who bet ten times are out of the game; meanwhile, people who bet only once stand a better chance of winning because they do not have to come back again to continue playing.

When a team wins a game, all of its members are removed from the game. This removes the chances of any player from winning again by someone else. Since there are about twenty five people in a game, this removes the possibility of cheating by one person. This goes a long way in eliminating the use of one person’s luck while game in a lottery game. It is therefore safe to say that Satta is just another form of lottery games.

While Satta is completely dependent on chance, the same cannot be said of the game of SattaKaaykum. It relies on calculation, probability and skill. This is also what makes Satta a unique form of game. Its calculating and probability based nature means that it is very difficult for a single person to predict the winning number or the time when the next Satta king up will arrive. The game of Satta does not depend on luck but the skills and calculations of each and every participant.

The popularity of Satta as a form of lottery has made it very easy for people from all over India to get involved with this game trend. People from all areas of India including the states of Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh are known to play Satta game on a regular basis. With easy access to the internet, a large number of players from different areas of India can now play the game from the comfort of their homes and work from anywhere they want including the states that are very far away from them. With the growing popularity of Satta, the popularity of game is also bound to grow and make it one of the biggest money making businesses in India.