SEO Tips – Top 10

Before you start any SEO campaign you need to identify which keywords and phrases you want to be found for online. If your business only operates in a certain geographic area then make sure you select specific keyphrases such as “plumber in Birmingham” rather than just “plumber”.

While it’s an obvious choice to target the phrases with the highest search volumes (you can get estimates from the Google AdWords Keyword Tool) these can be very competitive so it can pay to target keywords and phrases with less traffic and less competition.

Make sure you have a site map

A site map helps your website get indexed by the major search engines. Without it your site may struggle to be picked up. A site map is basically a list of all the pages on your website and you should make sure this is added before your site goes live.

Use keywords to link between pages on your site

Rather than linking from your home page to a product/service page with “click here” you should use keywords and phrases to link the pages instead. Doing SEO agency Newcastle has two main benefits; it is more descriptive for people reading your site and it also has SEO benefits.

Be bold with your keywords

The relevance of your site to visitors and your SEO can also benefit from the occasional bolding of keywords and phrases throughout the text on your site. Just be careful not to overdo it and only emphasise these where it’s necessary to create more impact.

Optimise your headings and sub-headings

Using keywords and phrases within your headings and sub-headings again has two main benefits. Firstly, having keywords or phrases in these key positions is valued by the search engines. Secondly, it will make your site more relevant for people reading it. For example if someone has typed “horse riding Newcastle” into a search engine and then sees this phrase used in your main heading, it will appeal to them and appear relevant.