Thailand’s History and Art Museums Worth Visiting

When you travel around Thailand, don’t forget to visit the history and art museums here. The museums here really showcase Thai’s rich culture and traditions. If you want to know more about Thailand’s culture and history, as well as enjoy more of Thai arts.

Bangkok National Museum

The National Museum in Bangkok showcases many kinds of historical artifacts and artworks. Going to the Nationa Museum will give the fullest experience of Thai history starting from historical periods and kingdoms of Sukhothai to Rattanakosin. There is the Gallery of Thai History, History of Fine Arts, History of Thai arts, and also Wang Na historical sites that are all in Bangkok National Museum. If you really want to learn about Thailand’s history and culture, this is the place.

Thai-Burma Railway Centre Museum

This museum is located in Kanchanaburi province. It is historically the area that Thai and Burmese laborers were forced by Japanese soldiers to build the railway for transportation during World War II. In the museum, you will get to learn about the tragic history that around 112,000 laborers died from the process. People also call the railway “the Death Railway”. When you visit the place, you can actually walk down the railway and experience the history yourself.

MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art)

MOCA or Museum of Contemporary Art is another museum in Bangkok that collects all contemporary Thai artworks. You can artworks from famous Thai artists there, such as Chalermchai Kositpipat who built the elegant White Temple in Chiangrai, and Thawan Duchanee who is a contemporary Thai artist with international recognition.

Jim Thompson House Museum

Everyone in Thailand must’ve heard of Jim Thompson before, because of the huge contributions he did for Thai silk. If you don’t know Jim Thompson, he’s an American who has lived in Thailand for a very long time but he has mysteriously disappeared in Malaysia. The Jim Thompson House Museum still carries Thompson’s legacy, people can visit the museum to learn more about Thai arts and Thai silk. The museum is also constructed with Thai traditional houses and decorations, visiting here will give you some great knowledge about Thai arts and Thai silk. You will also get some Thai silk souvenirs back!

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