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Because of the vapor quality and the fact it can handle wax and oil, the Titanic is the better choice. I really like the size and the weight, overall boxy design is great. The metal finish is nice and clean and it feels like a quality unit. The adjustable voltage is really the only advantage it has over its competition though. Price is alright at best considering some of the competition but I think it’s a bit odd to separate the battery and cart, the battery is way too expensive. I own many box mods and my most recent purchase an Evic VTwo Mini was only 27 dollars and it supports TC, removable battery, and many other things with custom firmware.

We strive for our users to have a great experience with our product every time. Both heating styles have their own perks, and choosing the right one for you depends on your lifestyle and preferences. In short, handheld vapes are for those who want portability with no shortage of vapor quality. The instructional video on this page is very helpful and honest.

I bought the Vivant Ambit vape it’s a fine vaporizer. Perfect battery life for anyone that vapes throughout the day. The little issue is with the vapor quality as it produces good vapor at the start of the session but after a few hits, the vapors become very harsh. Overall it’s very fine but this issue is not neglect-able. After you have your power level set just press and hold the power button to start vaping.

The ViVant VAULT Mini presents itself as a smooth and compact vaporizer shaped like a flask. This device measures at 12mm by 42mm by 71mm, its curved design allows it to comfortably form with the users palm, pocket, or bag. Adding to being compact, atomizers enter the VAULT Mini through a recessed cavity and magnetically clicks into place. The proper sized atomizer should only have the drip tip protruding from the device.

The digital display screen will turn on and show you your output settings in Watts/Volts, atomizer rating and remaining battery life. Use the + / – buttons to fine tune your output settings to match your needs. The OLED screen will wake up and display your atomizer resistance, remaining battery life and power level in both watts/volts. Beneath the screen there are + / – buttons that you can use to adjust your output levels in precise 0.1W increments. 100% Guaranteed Authentic.The new Vivant Ambit is loaded with state-of-the-art features that will be sure to lock in its position as your go-to dry herb vaporizer.

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I have no idea what these temps represent but it certainly cannot be the air temp as it directly impacts the load or it would combust, no? I agree with OF that temps in a full convection vape are meaningless without data on the airflow. With the Volcano, because they have a constant rate of air flow, they can indeed calculate air temp as it hits the oven…but airflow from direct in-breathing, no. To me, Red felt like about a 385F temp but WTF really knows. As mentioned, the mouthpiece just didn’t get that hot and I’m very temperature sensitive.

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I’ve tried a handful of dry herb vapes in the past but the Viviant alternate is undoubtedly the highest quality in its price range. It heats up quickly and provides a smooth vape that tastes good and isn’t harsh on the airway. The fine design and discrete size makes it easy to take around town with you. Having 40 watts instantaneous power at your finger tips, you will have the most intense vaping experience from a portable wax vaporizer.

If you are looking to make this unit even more portable we highly suggest picking up the Zeus Armor Case. This unit fits perfectly and there is enough space for the accessories, charger, as well as a custom spot for the Zeus Bolt Grinder. The case is splash resistant, odor resistant, and shock resistant offering a wide range of protection for this vaporizer.

Vivant does not disclose the exact temperature for these settings, so I am not sure what exactly they are. I like to start with green and progress up to orange and red as I go through my session. Toggle the button twice in a row to select your preferred temperature setting. There are 3 options to chose from, green being the lowest temp, orange is the middle temp, and red is the highest temperature. Vaping is the modern alternative to smoking that can help you quit smoking because it manages your nicotine cravings. You should also know that using e-liquids with varying nicotine strength is key to getting over your addiction.

VAAL 1500 Disposable Pod is an ideal option either in the role of your trip vaping or as a reliable backup to a bigger or higher performance system! Each Joyetech VAAL 1500 Disposable has an integrated 950mAh battery and lasts up to 1500 puffs, designed to work for about 1-2 weeks. Each pre-filled VAAL 1500 Disposable device contains 5.0mL of vape juice and comes in a vast array of different flavors. Each device comes pre-filled with 5% salt-based nicotine e-liquid and is ready to vape right out of the package. Joyetech VAAL 1500 Disposable adopts a draw-activated firing mechanism, you only need to align the cylindrical mouthpiece and inhale to feel the real and smooth taste.

At the bottom 2 temperatures, there is not a ton of cloud production but the flavor is definitely there. The third temperature seems to be the sweet spot for vapor production without getting too hard. The kit is very basic and includes the vaporizer, a packing tool, a cleaning brush, and a USB charger. The Ambit can be used with dab rigs as well, with a water pipe adaptor that fits 14mm and 18mm pipes. Vivant Ambit is a simple portable herb vaporizer, with the typical boxy shape often seen on herbal vaporizers.

But you can actually open it up and get inside and clean the whole cooling unit top piece, just soak it in ISO for a little while and shake it up, it should pretty much get like new. You know it’ll depend on how tightly it’s packed but it’s not bad. But if you open this thing up, and you don’t even have to open it all the way you can open it halfway, but I like to open it all the way, it really makes it a free-flowing pull. If you want to do concentrates in it they give you a little liquid pad like a few other vapes do.

The Vivant RIFT is an on-demand vape with session mode built in. Hold down the GO button and the vape will immediately begin heating the oven to max temperature for whatever mode you’re in. This may not be ideal for anyone sensitive to higher temp vaping.

I even tried the unit through a water pipe, but the taste was still there. Hopefully it will eventually go away, but it hasn’t yet. If you are looking for a unit like the Vivant Alternate, we highly suggest checking out the Utillian 722. Our other reservation comes from the removable battery. While we give Vivant credit for allowing for a swap-able battery, the battery bay lacks insulation and the battery itself gets quite warm during operation. Having seen horror stories of E-Cig batteries exploding, we are worried about how this heat and stress will affect the battery long term.

Simple, and easy to access, that’s what the Vivant Ambit offers in its design of the mouthpiece assembly and stainless steel chamber combination. Using a strong magnetic connection, the mouthpiece assembly firmly stays in place during storage and when in use, but easily pops-off when you need to access the chamber. The flip out mouthpiece is ergonomically-designed to fit perfectly between the lips for getting the best pull of vapor. When you’ve paid good money for your premium dry herb, the last thing you want is the taste of plastic or electronics from your dry herb vaporizer.

I believe the silicone piece inside the cap/mouthpiece is what throws off the taste. Third issue is that the vapor is pretty hot and I have to cut my hits short otherwise it will burn my lips. Vaping it thru water obviously solves this and it’s nice that they designed the tip to be used as such, and that it fits 14mm and 18mm female joints. Lastly the inside of the cap could be designed better by making it filled instead of hollow around the silicone stem. Since it’s hollow, all kinds of material gets in there, it doesn’t effect function but it’s kind of annoying if your ocd like me.

Typically with budget friendly vaporizers you see less innovation in the design. Vivant is one of the very few companies making unique and conceptual designs in this price range. However if you want longer sessions for yourself or groups of people, the battery life will probably not be enough. I really like that the scoop assembly comes out and that it and the chamber can be easily cleaned or replaced.

The convection heater is ultra fast and the Vleaf GO will produce vapor/smoke without any wait-time. Invest in yours today and you will never have to leave home without your favorite dry blends again. Every kit includes one short and one tall magnetic adapter that will attach to any 510 atomizer from your collection for a fast, secure and reliable connection to the Vault Vape.

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The ceramic heater is made from ss316 mesh which is encapsulated in zirconia ceramic which provides safe on-demand heating, better flavor, and a pure convection. The VLeaF GO is a super sleek, super stealthy, portable, pen shaped what wattage should i vape cbd oil canister at companion that you’ll want to take everywhere. Vivant Dabox puts 40 watts of power in the palm of your hand. That power reflects in the big, milky vapor production. But also gives users faster heat ups and charge times.

The LED light located around the USB port will display as red while the device is being charged. The LED light will disappear once the device is fully charged. It takes approximately 2 hours to obtain a full charge by using a 1A Wall Adapter. We are only able to ship out Tobacco E-Liquid to these states so be sure to remove any flavored E-Liquid in order to check out. The Ambit offers the optimum temperature range starting from 100°C and ending at 230°C (212°F – 446°F).

The Clapton dual quartz has the longest heat up time but also produces the best vapor. The single quartz Clapton coil is not included and can be purchased separately and falls in the middle of the other two in both vapor quality, energy usage and heat up time. Fast enough heat time, decent battery life, and it can produce quite hefty cloudS. When I first got it I was struggling to take off the mouthpiece but over time I learned the vapor and unit can get a bit hot, but nothing extreme. After using it I have concluded that highest heat setting works best for me.

I have cleaned it properly and already did whatever I can do but still this issue. Other than this issue, this vape looks very cool and discreet. I hope I will learn quickly so I can get good hits from it. I’m so glad someone else posted about the plastic taste. I noticed the same thing when I received mine and thought I was going crazy because so many people defend this unit on forums.

You can dial in your optimum temperature manually and the useful digital display offers temperature and battery level information. High quality glass cbd vape cartridge girl scout cookies chamber helps to cool the vapor and it is easily removed for quick cleaning. We designed our chamber to efficiently accept and diffuse heat.

I did not delay starting my draw any longer than it took to push the button and bring it to my mouth. I did find that this vape, as is common nic salts with convection portables, does benefit from a long slow draw. The thing I really like about this is how small and portable it is.

The screen is difficult to see when the sun is shining. Sometimes I’ve gone 30 sessions without cleaning the unit. Under the screen in the mouth piece does get gunked up nicely. Especially the mouth piece itself as you cannot get a q tip in it.

With such a large range in the temperature, you are really able to customize the type of vapor you receive based on your preference. This unit takes around 2 minutes to reach its max temperature. Press and hold the fire button while inhaling from the mouthpiece.

I will contact vivant to see if they warranty the’s hoping. Also known as dry herb vaporizers or dry herb vape pens, these dry herb vaporizers use a special heating treatment to vaporize cannabinoids and terpenes without combusting. Dry herb vaporizers are specially used for dry herbs only unlike the regular vaporizers that you can use for wax, concentrates, shatter, crumble, etc. Vivant Alternate is a compact portable vaporizer featuring many innovative features.

The new Helical Airflow Pathcombined with the Ceramic Chamber provides Ultra smooth Vapor Production, while staying completely portable. When it comes to hardware and different vape devices, we don’t just pick up everything on the market. I’ve seen it as general not well liked in this community, but with notable exceptions from some proponents who like the value and felt it got the job done. Im guessing you are looking for a cheap introductory vape if your looking at that.

It’s compact, simple, and durable that could probably last until you need an upgrade. The vapor quality on this one is pretty overwhelming for beginners, but if you love big & intense clouds, you’ll probably like it. In my opinion, this is not one of the well-performing vapes by Vivant yet the Pro version improves in terms of functionality and vapor quality which cost $140.

This vape will be selling for $70 which is a very, very good price. Also, Vivant gave me a discount code of “stephen20” to offer to others. Insofar as this is a $69.99 vape, with 20% off that’s basically $56. The packaging is lovely, comes with some fun extras!