Video Reviews – A Look At The Features And Benefits Of The RealMe 5 Digital Camera

RealMe is a leading mobile application development company based in India. The company produces smart and feature-rich smartphones and devices. These handsets are designed for various segments of consumers across the world such as business, entertainment, education, public safety, communication, travel, entertainment etc. The company has recently entered the Indian market as the third largest smartphone vendor behind Samsung and Nokia. It has plans to go beyond the Android and iPhone smartphones into different categories of handsets.

The company is headquartered in Bangalore and is led by veterans of the mobile industry. Apart from being a premier smartphone manufacturer it also offers a wide range of mobile accessories such as chargers, headphones, covers, keyboards etc. The six.5-inch Android smartphone with a pixel density of 401 pixels per inch and a dual-core processor is the primary product offering from realme. The second product, the Real Rider 4G, with a dual-core processor and a greater pixel density of 515 pixels per inch, is the high-end handset from realme.

As compared to its competitors, realme lab has made little or no changes to the design or the user interface. In fact, the only significant enhancement that they have brought in the RealMe series is the aforementioned battery capacity increase which promises extended battery life. realme 5 It comes with an extended warranty and various service options which help users get in touch with customer care in case there is any problem with the product. Users can also get in touch with customer support personnel to inquire about their product’s post-sales service.

In this review we look at the RealMe camera. The camera is one of the oldest entrants in the smart phone manufacturing segment and the first product launched by the brand. It comes with a fairly decent camera with an advanced auto focus system and good image quality. However, the battery life of the camera disappointed a lot of buyers. The battery life lasted for just over five and a half hours. With a 5000mah Li-Ion battery, it is not too sure whether users can easily last the whole day with the camera.

RealMe 5 camera performance was satisfactory but not as impressive as the previous models. The cameras had a tendency to freeze in some situations and for the most part the pictures clicked were of poor quality. It also has slightly less robust build than the other models. Some users reported that the connection issues with the device were the major factor for its poor performance. The connection failure could be attributed to either weak Ethernet or WiMax. For those who use the VoIP service, the sound quality on the call was very poor and sometimes did not work at all.

All in all, the RealMe 5 offers a good combination of value for money. With its compact size it allows you to take it anywhere you want. But in order to get the best performance you need to combine it with the other features like camera and Wi-Fi connectivity. A cheaper price point does not mean a better camera. The features like camera, Wi-Fi and memory should be compared from each manufacturer’s point of view to come up with the best deal.