Vintage Prom Dresses

Prom nights are special events; therefore, you should ensure that you look your best. While this is the case, you should avoid looking like everyone else. One of the best ways of being unique is going for vintage prom dresses. The dresses are unique depending on the era that they were made:


Outfits in this era are rather simple. Due to the war that existed at this time, there was no money for buying materials; therefore, most of the outfits were tight fitting. They were also sleeveless or with short sleeves.

Although, most of the dresses in this floral dress are tight, you can also find “swing dresses” which were designed for dancing. While some of the units were simple without any embellishments, there were others that had beads or laces. All you need to do is to shop in the right place and you will find the right dress.


Unlike the 1940s units, these units are more ornamental. They also have bigger skirts and a lot of tulle showing from almost everywhere. An ideal vintage unit has a pink ballerina-inspired number with a knee-length or slightly longer tulle skirt. It also has a body-hugging bodice.


Initially, outfits in this era were the same as those of the 1950 era; however, by the end of the decade, units with floral patterns, bold designs, colors, and sequins were made. More designs made it possible for people to find all types of dresses from girly girls to hippie chicks.


Dresses in this era were greatly influenced by disco. Due to this they were sexier and sleeker than their predecessors. They were usually made from velvet or lace. There were also others that were made from velour which is a super-fabric.